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Bredbeck stands for non- formal education, aware of cultural and social diversity and directed at youth and adults. Bredbeck is an education facility (Bildungsstätte) of the administrative district Osterholz, situated 30 km to the north of Bremen.


Our educational programmes are open to everyone. We attach particular importance to reaching diverse target audiences among young people: school and college students, young people in the school-to-work transition, volunteers, people with the refuge experience and trainees. Another focus of ours lies in the professional education; this segment contains a number of professional development trainings for specialists from children- and youth care, social work, youth- education and life-long learning. Here you find more information on our programs. 

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... an optimistic outlook into the diverse and exciting world, where the society can any time be viewed with a critical eye and be re-invented accordingly. Each of our seminars proclaims diversity as a foundation of a democratic society and encourages partakers to participate actively in society.

Bredbeck stands for... (800 x 480 px).png
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Bredbeck is situated in an idyllic country estate on the edge of the Teufelsmoor (historical moorland region northward to Bremen) amidst ponds and green forests.

Our guests will be welcomed by a pleasant ambience, delicious food, beautiful landscape and dedicated team!


Please address your questions concerning the project to:

Alexander Starostin

04791 96 18 3733

WhatsApp: +49174 80 94 790

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